Why We Exist


Welding With Purpose

The Northern New England Welding Institute exists to provide world class welder training to anyone who wants to master the trade so that they can enjoy a rewarding career, provide for the needs of themselves and their families, and experience the dignity of hard work with a purpose.

We believe that having core values and living by core values are key to achieving our purpose.

NNEWI Core Values

  1. Safety: We teach safety in everything that we do. We want our students to have long and rewarding careers. In order to do that they need to know how to keep themselves and their co-workers safe while on the job.
  2. Honesty: We are truthful with our students. In order to help them achieve their goals we have to be honest with them at all times. To be unclear is to be unkind.
  3. Integrity: We do what we say we are going to do. In a world where commitments are broken everyday it’s important to keep our word.
  4. Perseverance: We never give up. Failure and frustration are simply the price of admission to become great in any endeavor. We never quit.
  5. Loyalty: We’ve got your back! Once a student is part of the NNEWI family, we’ve got their back. We model loyalty to our students so they in turn will be loyal to their future employer or employees.

Welding Training Options

At NNEWI we offer a variety of welder training options with schedules and pricing that meets your needs!

Professional Welder I

Combination structural & pipe, 1120 clock hours, modules 1 - 29 Program Cost: $24,500

Professional Welder II

Structural only, 508 clock hours, modules 1 - 15, 18, 23, 25, & 27 Program Cost: $12,500

Customized Training Package

Totally customizable corporate or individual training programs available upon request.

Professional Welder III

Pipe only, 632 clock hours, Modules 16 – 29 Program Cost: $17,900