Customized Training Package

IMG_4542.jpgMaybe you’re a contractor or fabrication shop owner looking for a customized training package for one of your employees. We can help! Let us put our 20 plus years of welding experience to work for your business. We can customize a training package to meet your needs!

Welding Training Options

At NNEWI we offer a variety of welder training options with schedules and pricing that meets your needs!

Professional Welder I

Combination structural & pipe, 1120 clock hours, modules 1 - 29 Program Cost: $24,500

Professional Welder II

Structural only, 508 clock hours, modules 1 - 15, 18, 23, 25, & 27 Program Cost: $12,500

Customized Training Package

Totally customizable corporate or individual training programs available upon request.

Professional Welder III

Pipe only, 632 clock hours, Modules 16 – 29 Program Cost: $17,900